Emotional Love Quotes

Here are the beautiful Love Quotes pictures, e-cards, wallpapers expressing various emotions of love. Emotions rule the relationships. Here is a lovely collection of the Love Quotes related to emotions such as "And Suddenly All Love Songs Were About You", "I Become Emotional When You Are Near Me", "Love is Emotional", "Emotions Exhibit Love", etc. You can share these beautiful Emotional Love Quotes via any social networking tool such as facebook, whatsapp or other social media tool.

    Sometimes, when we change we tend to forget to tell the people we love.

    There is not a soul who is listening so there is no use in screaming.

    Each of us is born to stand out, so do not try very hard to fit in with others.

    We always wait for life to begin, but it does not end soon.

    You are always busy making plans and dreams, while you are at it, life passes you by.

    You may let yourself believe that you are ready to die, but all you want is to be saved.

    I wish that someone would consider me as their own.

    Love is an affectionate and kind feeling. Share these heart touching emotional love quotes with your loving boyfriend, girlfriend, hubby, wife or any other special person in your life to brighten up their day and spice up your relationship with them.

    I know you cannot live without me, look at your ECG it is on flat line.

    When you listen to music, all the pain goes away.

    So many memories we have shared together makes it difficult for me to forget you.

    Wait for your turn in life so you can learn.

    I can feel my heart alive and beating even though coldness and darkness has invaded it.

    There are people who put more interest on someone else’s life than their own.

    My heart beats faster whenever your name is on my phone blinking.

    Steal my heart and I will steal yours. This would be the perfect crime for the both of us.

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