Love Failure Quotes

The sadness of love failure can be shown with our love quotes for failure. Love failure is a bad state of living. Actually it is not really a state of living. It is a sad of living without your soul. Are you feeling sad? If you are then these Love Failure quotes should be appropriate for you. Browse down the page and select and share the best ones.

    Love did not hurt me, it is you. You left me broken in pieces.

    The saddest lines of my life; I love you. Because I know you can’t love me back.

    It is painful to let you go, but it is harder to hold on to you.

    Loving you makes me feel complete, but seeing you love someone else makes me think I am not worth it.

    The pain you gave me today will prepare me for tomorrow’s challenges.

    You said goodbye and I walked away, the worst memory I have to carry every day.

    Through our Love failure quotes you can show to this world how sad you are right now. Share these pictures on any social media app like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. Express your feelings and emotions through these pictures. If you are going through a recent break-up then these Love Failure Quotes should be for You. Share and share your feelings.

    Maybe this world isn’t ours to share, that’s why you left me hanging in the air.

    Loving you is not easy but letting you go is harder.

    It hurts to know that someone out there makes you smile like the way I used to.

    From strangers to lovers and now we are lovers back to total strangers.

    I wish I could turn back time and never made the mistake of loving you.

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