Missing You Love Quotes

Are you missing your love? Are you looking for some cute love quotes speaking about your feeling of missing him/her. Let life go on. But it is not so easy to forget your love. Though you miss her for so many months or years, but still you feel the same way whenever you think of her. Share our "Missing You Love Quotes" images, ecards, whatsapp status pictures, ecards to your love and express your agony.

    When you love, you get hurt. When you get hurt, you hate. When you hate, you try to forget. When you try to forget, you start missing. And when you start missing, you’ll eventually fall in love again.

    Anyone who falls in love is searching for the missing pieces of themselves.

    This loneliness is just too profound. Your absence has left me bereft. You have been such a good friend all through and much as I am trying to move on, I cannot forget you. I miss you.

    Deep regrets and shame for taking your presence for granted. You looked after me so well and I miss your care. You were the best career and always will be. I really do miss you.

    I miss your friendship and companionship. Being away from you is really lousy and I can say lousy in a hundred different ways. I miss you, oh yes I do.

    Hey, I know that it has only been a short while since you left but I miss your laughter and the sound of your voice. May this text find you in good health, and when you are able to, hit me back with one. Missing you lots.

    Love is so vast. It is like an ocean. Love dwells in all living beings. Its love that powers this universe. But when you miss your dear one, that same love causes you the greatest pain of love. Express your agony in your heart to the concerned person by sharing our colorful Missing You Love quotes images, ecards, wallpapers via whatsapp, facebook, twitter, etc.

    Missing you has aged me seriously, I need you to return and rejuvenate my life. Come back honey and make me young again. Missing you and loving you.

    I know that in a few hours I will see you again after your absence from my life for a while. You left me desolate and my heart needs restoration and only you can put me back together again. I miss you.

    Only you can fill this cavity that is my heart since the day you left. My eyes are ever on the door, waiting for your return and when I see you again, I will hold you so close because baby, I miss you terribly.

    When you left you unplugged the power source out of my life and now all I feel and see is vast emptiness. Baby, come back and plug me back in and let my life flow once again. I miss you.

    My life is without form and is void without your loving presence. My hands are empty and my mind is in turmoil. I miss you my love, make haste to return and fill me once again.

    This desolation that has been occasioned by your absence is overwhelming my love. Come back and breathe life into me once again. Missing you honey.

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