Never Ending Love Quotes and Sayings Images

When you express your love using the words "never ending" or "eternal" will be very impressive. We bring you here some of the best and beautiful never ending love quotes that you will find impressive in making your dear one realize your hearty love. Say to your dear boyfriend or girlfriend that your love for him or her is never ending and eternal. We hope these beautiful "Never ending" love quotes pictures will make our relationship more stronger.

    Add more fuel to your love relationship. Loving alone is not enough, you need to express it. Feel free to check out our lovely collection of "Never Ending" love quotes and sayings images that will help you to convey your hearty love to your dear one. Make your dear one understand that what you hold for him or her is not just, but something more than that.

    True Love never dies.

    Love never dies; never exhausts; never fades.

    My Love is Eternal.

    Our love story never ends.

    Love is like a river, never ending as it flows, but gets greater with time.

    A true love story has no end.

    I dont want a happy ending.. What is want is a never ending.

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