Romantic Love Hug Quotes

Romantic collection of cute love images with hug quotes and sayings for you to share your immense love for your lover. These are special and unique love greetings to convey your deepest feelings over your love partner. Convey your love and wishes everyday in a most romantic and lovable way sharing these romantic love hug quotes ob beautiful images.

    ”What is love? I have met in the streets a very poor young man who was in love. His hat was old, his coat worn, the water passed through his shoes and the stars through his soul.” - Victor Hugo

    If I reached for your hand, will you hold it? If I hold out my arms, will you hug me? If I go for your lips, will u kiss me? If I capture your heart, will u love me?

    Here’s a special hug, just for you!

    Hugs grease the wheels of the world.

    You can’t give a hug without getting a hug.

    A hug delights and warms and charms, so that must be why God gave us arms.

    A little romance is must in a relationship. Make the day of your loved one a great and happier one sharing these cute and romance filled love hug quotes.

    A hug is worth a thousand words.

    Your hugs and kisses are like the stars that light up my life when things get dark.

    One of the best feelings in the world is when you hug someone you love, and they hug you back even tighter.

    A hug is like a handshake from the heart.

    Teddy bears don’t hug back, but sometimes they’re all you have.

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